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It’s not easy to stay healthy as we move past 50. Exercise is often seen as boring and tedious. Injuries take longer to heal than they did when we were younger and many of us are involved in businesses where we just can’t afford for an injury to prevent us from working. Time is precious so unless we are having fun while we exercise, it’s easy to neglect the need to look after our health and fitness.


Walking football has evolved, because:

  1. It’s fun! This is great for our mental health and when exercise is fun, we are more likely to commit to it, especially when we are part of a team or group that meets regularly to play.

  2. Playing with others in the same age group prevents players from leaving the sport because they cannot keep up with much younger players.

  3. The rules have been modified to lessen the risk of injury:

  • Brisk walking rather than running lessens the chance of a cardiac episode.

  • Restrictions on body contact reduce the risk of knee and ankle damage.

  • Keeping the ball below shoulder height protects players from head injury

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